A message from Dr. Steve Glowinkowski

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Impact of the 2010 Emergency BudgetChallenges posed by the UK’s ‘emergency budget’ for organisational leaders

A message from Dr. Steve Glowinkowski
Integrated Framework

A message from Dr. Steve Glowinkowski, CEO of Glowinkowski International (GIL) and founder of the Glowinkowski™ Research Institute (GRI)

As a Chartered Psychologist for almost 30 years, my career began at UMIST where I completed my Phd under the supervision of Professor Cary Cooper.

Moving into industry, I worked for over ten years with two major organisations, ICI and Barclays Bank. These commercial settings enabled me to consolidate and establish some fundamental business principles, processes and tools for the development of organisations, their leaders/managers and employees to essentially “raise the bar” and improve their performance, or in other words, improve their business outcomes.

GIL was established in 1992, and has grown into one of the UK’s leading business performance consultancies with clients globally, in most sectors, ranging from the chemical and banking industries through to retail, science, education (Universities and schools) and even religious orders. The GRI was developed soon afterwards in order to conduct both in-house and external ground-breaking research that is as commercially orientated and focused on performance improvement as it is theoretically and academically robust. The aim of the GRI is to further our understanding of outstanding performance, how to create it and how to maintain it.

The methodologies developed in the GRI and outlined on this website are distinct from many others in the market by being both valid and practical. By valid, I mean they are underpinned by over 50 years of rigorous research, both that which my business has conducted itself and that which it has drawn upon from the public domain.

The statistical strength of the different measurement instruments contained within our toolkit is very high. However, competing on just statistical strength is somewhat of a fruitless exercise. The material is differentiated by virtue of its practicality and relevance to the challenges of modern commercial life.

Change occurs at a faster pace than ever before. There is a profusion of information available, which has to be synthesised to get to that which matters and on which substantive evidence important decisions can be made. Technology is shifting the balance of power from the supplier to the consumer. Any leadership development intervention that does not recognise these contextual factors will not deliver sustainable change to the fortunes of an organisation’s performance.

The Glowinkowski™ Integrated Framework is fundamental to all the methods, processes, and programmes described, where Leaders /Managers need to focus their attention on themselves, their organisation’s structure and its business critical processes in order to build a high-performance Climate that will help their business out-perform and out-manoeuvre their competitors.

The model also makes plain the crucial difference between ‘personality’ and actual, delivered behaviours. Understanding this difference is critical for any leader. It is vital in order to understand the development needed to deliver those behaviours that will build a work-place environment in which people can flourish and apply their talents and skills of which, in my experience, there is abundance.

The Intellectual Property that the GRI has developed over the last quarter-century will help you to achieve your goals and, thereby, improve your commercial performance.


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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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