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It's Behaviour, Stupid

The premise of this book is that a leader’s behaviour or rather, the quality of their leadership delivery, drives the performance of the group or business for which they are accountable. This is irrespective of the size or scope of the leadership challenge. It applies to the Chairman or Chief Executive of a multinational corporation, the Head of a School or the supervisor of retail check-out staff. As such, it should be read by anyone with a responsibility for improving organisational performance.

The contents of the book are based upon over 25 years’ of extensive research and consultancy application across sectors, in a truly international context and at all phases of the economic cycle. ‘It’s Behaviour, Stupid!’ describes the fundamental frameworks that Steve Glowinkowski has developed over this time and includes a wide range of practical case studies where the methodologies have been applied and have resulted in significant organisational performance improvements.

Above all ‘It’s Behaviour, Stupid!’ has been written in a way that presents a robust and valid picture of leadership in a highly practical, easy-to-read format.

Who should read this book

  • Organisational managers – anyone who has overall accountability for running a discrete organisational entity, be that a large PLC, a significantly sized private enterprise, a major public enterprise, e.g. a Council, Health Trusts, University, Police Force or School. Within the context of such organisational groups, those who are accountable for leading specific businesses or functional units should read this book.
  • Team leaders – people who have responsibility for leading an individual team, e.g. a production unit within a factory, a sales team in a Contact Centre, a subject or pastoral leader in a school, specific disciplines within health institutions.
  • Team members – those members of a team who want it to reach a higher standard of performance should read this book.
  • People whose job entails them delivering results through others, who may not be in their direct line management, e.g. peers or colleagues in a matrix structure.
  • Ambitious individuals who want to progress into more senior leadership roles and achieve success by building a ‘Climate’ in which people can thrive and grow. Individuals starting their careers who aspire to be managers and inspirational leaders.
  • HR and Learning and Development professionals
  • Students of organisational psychology and behaviour
  • Entrepreneurs who recognise their nascent businesses are growing and need to be managing in such a way that growth and dynamism can be sustained along with appropriate compliance and governance.

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