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Impact of the 2010 Emergency BudgetChallenges posed by the UK’s ‘emergency budget’ for organisational leaders

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We conduct broad based studies that seek to deepen our understanding of what underpins outstanding performance within the fast-paced dynamism of organisational life.

So much of the research produced in this area is either conducted with expertise from an academic perspective but lacking in practical relevance or with applicability but without good theory. We attempt to bridge the gap and combine the two.

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Impact of Gender

Impact of Gender

Women make up approximately half of the workforce in the UK and US yet 25% of the FTSE 100 have no female directors and only 15 companies in the fortune 500 have a female CEO.

This paper presents research conducted in the Glowinkowsi™ Research Institute into the difference between male and female leaders, providing interesting evidence that contributes to the conversation about why a gender imbalance in leadership prevails.

Using a cross-cultural database including in excess of 3700 middle and senior managers spanning a range of sectors, a raft of significant differences were found in the personality and behaviour of men and women in the workplace. These are discussed in terms of the potential impact they have on leadership.

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The Big Hitters

Core Competencies: The Big Hitters

Over the last 25 years, competencies that make up the frameworks we have researched, designed, developed and implemented have differed depending on the occupational group and level we were focusing on. That said, there have been a core group of eight competencies that underpin outstanding performance across all jobs we have ever researched. These apply to the hedge fund manager, the school teacher, chemical plant supervisor and many, many more. In this paper we discuss this set of ‘Big Hitters’ and the importance of competencies for organisational performance.

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