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Leadership Development

The phrase ’it’s a question of leadership’ is regularly discussed in business, the public sector, and the political arena. Whether it’s an international bank that’s gone bust, a school with poor grades or a sports team at the foot of the table, issues of poor performing organisations are often put down as a consequence of poor leadership. Leadership has become clearly recognised as a critical element of performance.

In over 25 years of research and consultancy practice we have shown that outstanding leadership creates high performing organisations. This works because great leadership generates a performance orientated climate, i.e. “it feels great to work here”, in an organisation which in turn creates the conditions for organisations to deliver their full potential.

We believe the idea that leaders are born rather than made is a fallacy. We have shown many examples of improvement in leadership behaviour through development interventions that have resulted in sustainable behavioural change in the individual, which in turn has yielded performance improvement in the organisation for which they are accountable.

Our experience and research database includes tens of thousands of managers from a variety of different backgrounds, sectors and cultures. We have developed a range of diagnostics, which enable benchmarked assessment and feedback to occur. In turn this is followed by a series of practical interventions that help the individual to raise the quality of their leadership delivery. Our approach to leadership development is illustrated through our Integrated Framework. This shows how behaviour of individual leaders and teams fits within an overall leadership dynamic. We have also developed a comprehensive psychological framework, which looks at the predisposition and motives that underpin and influence behaviour itself.

Our approach to leadership development helps the individual see the link between their predisposition and motivational profile and their leadership behaviours. Further, to help them see how that behaviour drives their team’s performance. Finally, given this understanding, we offer a range of approaches that provide a practical approach for developing sustainable behavioural change.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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