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Every Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) involves three main parties, the Knowledge Base, Industry Partner and KTP Associate and is sponsored by Innovate UK (Technology Strategy Board). The aim of a KTP is to transfer knowledge from academia in to industry settings to produce innovative new products, services or processes that are desired or needed to help develop an existing business. The KTP Associate is always a recent university graduate with experience and expertise relevant to the goals of the KTP, and is responsible for managing and implementing the project. Each KTP project receives support and supervision from essential figures from the Knowledge Base, Industry Partner and Innovate UK. Meet the research team:

Steve GlowinkowskiSteve Glowinkowski

Steve is the founder and CEO of Glowinkowski International Ltd (GIL) and is the industry partner supervisor of this KTP project. Steve has experience in the assessment and development of senior executives and has conducted extensive research in to what differentiates outstanding performance at the level of the individual and organisation. Steve has extensive experience in developing behavioural frameworks and leading culture change programmes.

Todd LandmanTodd Landman

Todd is a Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations and is the Pro Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham. He was the Knowledge Base supervisor and grant holder for this KTP project from 2014 to 2015and now serves in an advisory capacity and as Principal Consultant at Glowinkowski International. Todd is internationally renowned for his work on the measurement and analysis of human rights and his engagement with a wide range of international governmental and non-governmental organisations delivering training sessions, evaluations, and capacity building.

Kali DemesKali Demes

Kali is a Social Psychology PhD graduate of the University of Essex and is the KTP Associate on this project. Kali has a research background in social, cultural and health psychology, with a particular focus on well-being and acculturation. Through this work Kali has gained experience in the development and implementation of both experimental and correlational research and survey designs, along with associated data handling and analytic techniques.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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