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ETLS - Engagement Through Leadership Skills

ETLS™ is a workshop process that enables individuals to develop and build their B4 leadership skills. The focus of the workshop is to provide an environment in which participants can learn through a variety of learning techniques to deliver ‘Blue 4 leadership style’. Blue 4 style represents a combination of behaviour that is both directive and concerned. This means a leader who is establishing a clear way forward for their team or the entire organisation concurrent with being able to engage effectively with those people with whom they work. A concerned leader will recognise someone who is experiencing hardship delivering their goals and objectives and will provide support through development but will also not shy away from moving someone out of role to another where their skills and competencies can be more effectively utilised. This is leadership by ‘tough love’. It is clear, precise, unambiguous both in setting expectations and evaluating quality of delivery.

The ETLS™ programme uses a variety of feedback processes including the 360° Engagement Style Inventory (ESI), psychometrics in the form of the GPI™, and video-based practice to establish the extent to which individuals deliver a Blue 4 style. The programme then delivers the opportunity for individuals to build and enhance their Blue 4 delivery through-out the workshop and post-workshop implementation phase.

The ETLS™ programme is adaptable for both workshop delivery to teams and open-groups as well as one-to-one coaching interventions. Our experience shows that where sustainable behavioural change is achieved in terms of increasing the extent and quality of Blue 4 style delivered, leaders build stronger engagement with their own bosses, their peers, their direct report and other stakeholders outside the organisation. Climate strengthens and with it the performance of their organisation - be it a functional team or an entire business or public sector institution - grows in a marked and sustainable manner.

The outcome from ETLS™ will be a leadership style that is more engaging and inclusive. People working for such managers will feel more involved in their organisations, which compels them to deliver discretionary purposeful effort. This is not just about working longer hours but working in a genuinely effective manner that helps the organisation achieve its aims. Such effectiveness means fewer mistakes are made, which require time, effort and resource to put right. Avoiding having to deploy resources to such wasteful ends means the ‘return on investment’ (ROI) for ETLS™ is real and tangible. A HR talent management programme can be directly associated with commercial gain.

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