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Talent Management

“Our people are our greatest asset” is a phrase frequently used by leaders to recognise that an organisation’s people represent its competitive edge. The phrase ‘talent management’ originates from this view in terms of how to look after, nurture, maintain and gain, in a mutual sense, the greatest level of discretionary effort from its people.

Talent Management (TM) includes activities such as succession planning, learning and development and career planning. The people working in any organisation represent its ultimate capability and if appropriately trained and developed, they will deliver sustained competitive advantage.

Our approach to TM is to develop an explicit and thorough understanding of what differentiates outstanding from average performance at all organisational levels. This information provides the opportunity to understand the qualities and characteristics that outstanding performers need to possess in order to be successful. It is also vital in terms of understanding the long-term potential of individuals. Using this information enables the organisation to accurately assess its people and provide relevant development.

We know that those organisations that provide development opportunities to support their people to fulfil their potential are the most effective. Quite simply, individuals are motivated by access to development. Individuals only have one career and they need to make the most of it; they will require in their work the opportunity to be challenged and stimulated. A quality approach to TM enables an individual to achieve this. Furthermore, this positions the organisation as great to work for.

We have spent the last 25 years working in this field and have in the course of that time identified a wide range of frameworks which help individuals and organisations think about the qualities associated with outstanding performance. We have also developed techniques of assessment and development that enable individuals and organisations to utilise a rigorous and objective approach to their TM.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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