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Organisation Design

How well is your organisation put together? How much time is spent considering the efficacy of the current design? Our experience highlights that, in the main, organisations are poorly designed and assembled despite a great deal of time being spent examining the matter. All too frequently we see organisations change how they are structured with little evidence of any performance benefit.

Where organisations do re-structure, it must be for the fundamental reason of making themselves fitter and more able to succeed in their markets and, thereby, improve their performance. Our data captured over the last quarter-century highlights that individual employees, including senior managers, are less than clear about what they are meant to be doing, what they are held accountable for and, crucially, why their work matters and contributes to the organisation achieving its purpose, goals and objectives. A well designed and managed structure will improve the Organisational Climate and set the conditions to drive performance.

As a rule of thumb, interpreting our data, most organisations are over-manned to the region of 25%! For organisations operating in markets with thin margins or public sector institutions facing significant reductions in funding, this represents an exceptional opportunity to increase the value generated from their activities.

For 25 years we have supported organisations review their existing structures and to create fresh, invigorated designs that will enable them to compete better and be more successful. As throughout our work, we are able to measure the effectiveness of the prevailing structure and, using the latest software modelling techniques, provide the optimal, logical design that will permit the organisation to establish a structure in which every participant will be clear about their accountabilities and report lines. This revised structure will create a heightened sense of engagement with the organisation’s intent and provide a clear line of sight from each role out to the organisation’s end-user client. This is far more motivational for everyone because they see how they create rather than destroy value.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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