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Different employees have capabilities in different areas, i.e. they possess different combinations of behavioural competencies and skills. Similarly, individuals are motivated in different ways to each other.

The most effective individuals are those who have a match between the things they’re good at and what motivates them – in other words, they are able to combine skill with drive.

The individual who understands their motivations as well as their skills and behavioural competencies is better placed to position themselves where they will flourish. For those who are motivated to do something in particular but recognise they have some skills or behavioural gaps, they are more likely to invest time and effort in development to close those gaps. The organisation funding such talent development is more likely to receive payback on its investment. (However, let us be honest and say that there will be instances where no amount of motivation will close a capability gap and, in such instances, a leader must deliver the difficult feedback in a timely and concerned manner [see Blue 4 Leadership – click here].

In the talent management arena, GMI can be used to provide organisational leaders with:

  • a sense of the ‘motivation landscape’ across their enterprise
  • an understanding of what people regard as important and what is not
  • an appreciation of those individuals who have the ‘get up and go’ to want to make things happen
  • an awareness of who likes to do what in terms of types of work and, thereby, may be better suited for particular roles
  • cognizance about training needs for particular individuals that will result in their being more effective in work that motivates them
  • data that highlights functions where there is a motivational imbalance, which may only be rectifiable by external recruitment
  • data to help establish why a talented individual or group of individuals are not performing sufficiently well in a given role

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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