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There are three key considerations in the motivation arena for leadership development:

  • Is the individual motivated to lead and act authoritatively? If not, will such individuals establish longer-term goals for the people who report to them and gain their buy-in to work to achieve them. If the individual is not so motivated, how can their alternative motivational profile be harnessed and utilised in a way that benefits both the organisation and, importantly, them?
  • What type of roles are likely to be motivational and, therefore, will provide the most fulfilling development? If an individual is engaged in their role it will be more than a mundane means to a pay cheque. Intrinsically, they will be happy to be at work. This is not some utopian ideal but is a situation that can be accomplished by using GMI.
  • Does an individual leader truly understand what they themselves find motivational? We all sense what we like and dislike, but we don’t necessarily have valid evidence to quantify these preferences so don’t possess real clarity about our primary drivers. When individuals are provided with such evidence, they can shape their own development and make informed, educated decisions. It becomes possible to take command of ones own development. As a leader, the reverse of the coin is also crucial. Does the individual leader appreciate these same issues about their team members. If not, how can they contribute positively towards formulating their development agendas? GMI facilitates an evidence based approach between boss and immediate report that determines the latter’s development.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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