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Approach and Toolkit

From the early 1980s when Steve Glowinkowski commenced his initial research, we have gone on to acquire increasing levels of corroborative evidence that demonstrate it is behavioural competencies that represent the assessable and measureable difference between outstanding and average performers.

Factors such as education, experience, skill and knowledge are all very important. They represent the fundamental threshold requirements for acceptable performance to emerge but none of these factors differentiates outstanding from average. Behavioural competencies do! Therefore, they represent a critical focus for us right around the HR management cycle embracing recruitment and selection, talent management, succession planning, performance management and downsizing and outplacement.

That a senior leader is selected by behavioural assessment often ‘sets the tone’ for the rest of the organisation. That ‘behaviours beget behaviours’ can cause a cascade down and throughout an enterprise helping individuals raise their game and so enable the organisation to improve its performance.

Competencies should be used to address the following issues:

  • To establish the selection requirements for a particular role in the organisation, especially at the more senior levels of management
  • To identify best fit candidate in a selection or recruitment context
  • To help individuals understand their behavioural development requirements to deliver a superior level of performance
  • To support senior organisational leaders and HR professionals manage succession planning and the talent management ‘pool’

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