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Approach and Toolkit

Requisite refers to the work of Elliott Jaques whose 40 plus years of research continues through the aegis of the Requisite Organization International Institute. GIL has partnered with Requisite Systems, a company based in Oxfordshire, UK, to utilise their software to map organisation’s current structures and help them to design more effective ones. Requisite means appropriate, right, fit for purpose

Alfred Sloane, the founder of General Motors, commented, “Structure follows strategy”. A Requisite structure is, therefore, one that enables the organisation to achieve its strategic goals in an efficient and effective manner. It firstly considers the nature of the work that has to be done and determines its ‘level’ through assessing its inherent complexity and ambiguity, which is driven primarily by the time-span of the decisions being made. Being realistic about these time-spans is crucial. Not everyone in the organisations can be responsible for determining its market position in 10 years’ time and how it will get there. There are those whose responsibility concerns keeping the machinery well maintained so production isn’t unexpectedly interrupted or who can make adjustment to production processes in response to customer feedback. Utilising the Requisite principles enables a rational approach to be taken to devising roles that fulfil the needs of an enterprise wishing to achieve its strategic aims.

The beauty of the Requisite approach is comparable to various people standing at different heights on a cliff looking out to sea. Those higher up see further out. They can explain to people lower down what they see. This contextualisation is all important in cascading down accountabilities throughout an organisation. The Chief Executive can explain what they see and, therefore, why they need one of their reports to do X, Y and Z. Their report ‘sees the picture’ if, behaviourally, the CEO has communicated effectively, i.e. concisely and precisely. The direct report can now say to their reports, “I have been asked to do this because…. I therefore need you to do this.” And so it goes on down through the organisation such that the Receptionist on the front-desk at Head Office knows the way they treat visitors is a vital ingredient in the overall service proposition of the business.

In this way, this rational approach to organisational design coupled with our expertise in behavioural assessment can provide a massive fillip to organisations seeking to improve their Climate and so raise their performance delivery.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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