IF - Diagnosis and Prognosis

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Approach and Toolkit
IF - Diagnosis and Prognosis

The Glowinkowski™ Integrated Framework can be used as a measurement diagnostic. We have developed a quantitative and qualitative measurement system to assess each component of the framework.

In terms of the quantitative, we have developed a reliable and valid on-line survey methodology that enables people from right across an organisation to contribute to a global, benchmarked assessment of how their organisation is performing in each core element of the Integrated Framework, i.e. Structure, Behaviours, Processes and Climate. In terms of the qualitative, we have a process of managing Focus Groups across organisations that provides supplementary richness and texture of diagnostic analysis.

Measurement can be carried out at a number of levels within an organisation, i.e. team, function, business unit, entire organisation. Such a thorough diagnosis, benchmarked against our global database built up over 25 years of research and practical consultancy activity, provides organisational leaders with clear indications of where to direct scarce resource to effect improvements, i.e. they know which change levers are having a positive and negative impact on Climate. In other words, the diagnosis permits clear prognoses to be developed concerning investment options to effect ‘culture change’ that will demonstrably strengthen climate and, thereby, provide the springboard to improved organisational performance.

Our measurement methodologies were developed in partnership with a wide range of organisations and provides the basis for international benchmarking. The international database is extensive with over 20,000 individuals having been through the measurement process.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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